Gurukrupa ConstructionQuality Policy

1. Gurukrupa Construction is Providing civil engineering and construction work services to Residential and industries units.
2. Our policy is to supply and deliver our services using competent, skilled, experienced, environmental and safety-conscious Managers, Supervisors, Operatives and Employees, to budget and on-time.
3. We undertake to deliver our services with highly competent, skilled, experienced and safety-conscious managers, supervisors, operatives and employees, in order to fulfill our contractual obligations, meeting client requirements.
4. We are committed to complying with statutory, regulatory and other requirements relevant to our business, the requirements of our clients to continually improving our approach, arrangements, processes and performance.
5. This policy shall be used to provide a framework for establishing and reviewing our objectives which is to deliver our services efficiently and to the highest standard, avoiding damages to services.
6. Objectives and targets are set during annual business planning, and reviewed regularly at management reviews, supervisors’ meetings, and, updated on on-going basis.
7. The Top Management will ensure that this policy is appropriate to the purpose Gurukrupa Construction and supports its strategic direction. They will always ensure that the policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the Company.
8. In order to promote the adoption and implementation of the policy, all staff and employees shall be encouraged to understand and discharge their individual responsibilities to a degree necessary to ensure the effective operation of the Quality Management System. Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Staff and employees are responsible for ensuring that the quality of their own work meets the appropriate standards.
9. This Policy Statement shall be communicated to all Managers, Supervisors, Staff, Operatives and Employees as part of their induction.